Good Always Available

The people, seated in tiers in front of what was apparently a blank green wall, were assembled to see a panorama; but to one who had never witnessed anything of the kind, it was difficult to imagine that all the wonderful things which were promised could be forthcoming. It was doubtless all true as reported, but certainly present conditions promised little of interest or profit. Suddenly, however, there was a click. A rift appeared in the seeming green wall, and speedily it was rolled up out of sight, and a beautiful scene presented itself; sunlight on blue sea water, and sunlight on the shore; green fields, dotted with trees and peaceful farmhouses, stretched away from the water's edge to the far horizon, where earth met sky in a soft line, blue and unbroken. All this and more was behind that blank wall which seemed so solid, but yet had never been anything more than a mere curtain.

To the initiated it was only a simple incident, but with the raising of the curtain, the words in Revelation respecting the passing of all materiality, even the material concept of heaven, came to my thought,—"departed as a scroll when it is rolled together." As the material obstruction on the stage was removed by some hidden agency, so the unseen good destroys in human consciousness the barrier which the material sense of existence seemingly erects between us and the glories that are promised to God's children when they keep His commandments and obey His law. In that moment of insight, the material sense of self was rolled up out of the way, and the green fields of God's creation stretched fair and far, a safe abiding-place to all who love Him. Those green pastures had always been there, but they were invisible while we believed that material sense is something, and we are therefore shut off from the pleasure that is rightfully ours, so long as we hold to that belief. Material sense is a curtain, a wall to hide the real when we trust the testimony of the senses rather than the word of Truth that never fails.

Practical Value of Christian Science
April 4, 1914

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