Spiritual Independence

The people of one of the world's greatest nations have set apart one of the days in the year as sacred, for the annual celebration of their political freedom; but there is now sweeping over the earth a great religious movement, stirring the hearts of mankind to the recognition of the universal and eternal Independence day, in which God said, "Let there be light." This great religious movement stands for the undivided vesture of the gospel, the healing of sickness as well as of sin, as revealed and demonstrated by Christ Jesus.

The Independence day of Christian Science which is just dawning upon the peoples of all nations and languages, is the day which Abraham rejoiced to see, in which absolute Truth is the light of man, and there is no error to make an argument for darkness. The world is beginning to realize that this great day is a state of illumined consciousness, a spiritual perception which is free from mortal beliefs, human opinions, and illusive knowledge. As Truth uncovers the false, self-destructive character of the material sense of things, confidence in and dependence upon it grows less. In the same ratio men are attaching less importance to their so-called human rights and beginning to investigate and use their divine rights. In this period of revelation and transformation, the hosannas of yore have given place to the hushes of prayer; while the palms which strewed the Master's pathway of old, have become symbolical of the leaves of healing literature which carpet the modern paths of the advancing Christ.

A Citizen's Duty to the State
March 28, 1914

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