With the desire to help others who may be groping in...

With the desire to help others who may be groping in mental darkness, I will tell what God has done for me through Christian Science, hoping it may aid them to break the fetters of error and material sense beliefs.

Some years ago a great sorrow came to me, so that the sun of my life seemed to be darkened, never again to shine. I seemed to be passing through that experience of which Mrs. Eddy speaks on page 266 of Science and Health, beginning, "Would existence without personal friends be to you a blank?" I seemed to be in a wilderness of sorrow, with fear of insanity and suicide. I walked the floor and called on God to deliver me, all the time believing there was only one way that things could turn in order for me ever to have peace on earth again. I had been in Christian Science for a number of years, and was having help from other Scientists, but human love clung to personality until divine Love forced me to accept what best promoted my growth (see Science and Health, p. 266); and not until then could the demonstration be made. I could not let go until everything that life held dear seemed to be slipping away from me. I had been in this state of mental anguish for some time, burying my false gods one by one.

Testimony of Healing
Toward the end of 1898 I first heard of Christian Science...
October 24, 1914

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