[Translated from the German]

Toward the end of 1898 I first heard of Christian Science...

Toward the end of 1898 I first heard of Christian Science through a friend. What he said seemed very wonderful indeed, though hardly believable, yet I clung to it as a drowning man catches at a straw, for it seemed impossible for me to continue to bear my suffering any longer. I had been afflicted for seven years with a nervous trouble which was steadily growing worse, although I had submitted to treatment from various physicians and also used many other means and methods of cure, but all with the same negative result.

My friend told me that a gentleman whom he knew had been healed within a very short time of a severe bowel complaint through Christian Science, and said that he intended to ask for treatment, as he was suffering with spells of dizziness and feared a serious outcome. What I heard inspired me with new hope, and I immediately went to Hannover for treatment. Before becoming acquainted with Christian Science I had always been a dissatisfied man, who lived in constant fear, and, I am sorry to say, for years without faith in God. The understanding of the inexhaustible source of all good, which heretofore I had known merely by name, was now opened to me by the practitioner, and I felt like a wanderer who has gone astray, but after reaching the limits of his endurance, finally finds the right way. In a very short time I learned to trust, God the only power, and succeeded in casting out doubt and fear, during which time I had the most loving assistance from the practitioner. My condition improved, and I soon became a perfectly well man.

Testimony of Healing
Deep gratitude for the healing of a malignant throat attack...
October 24, 1914

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