"Rejoice, and be exceeding glad"

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE is essentially a religion of rejoicing, Bestowing its blessings of health, happiness, and success upon every earnest and sincere seeker after Truth, it inspires with faith, hope, and confidence as nothing else can. Being the demonstrable Word of God, revealer of divine or spiritual good, Christian Science shows its loyal and wide-awake students their rightful heritage of harmony and dominion, at the same time filling them with joy and gladness unspeakable. Throughout the world today, thousands upon thousands of men and women are sending up praises to God for giving to this age an undaunted and courageous messenger, who through her purity and her devotion to the right was able to discover and to found Christian Science, which is indeed making mortals free.

The rejoicing, happy heart is ever the grateful, loving heart. In fact, there can be no real happiness and joy without a corresponding thanksgiving and holy regard for the source of these grand and noble gifts. Because "happiness is spiritual, born of Truth and Love" (Science and Health, p. 57), and because, as St. Paul declares, "the kingdom of God is . . . joy," it is plain that the great I AM is the source and support of these splendid qualities, and that to Him belongs all the credit for them; hence, to be imbued with the spirit of genuine happiness and joy, means to experience that satisfaction, contentment, and peace which really do pass human understanding. It means also to manifest unity or at-one-ment with God, thus proving ourselves His obedient and dutiful children.

The Widow's Mite
October 24, 1914

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