Going Abroad

The experience known as "going abroad" is one which many desire, others anticipate, and some achieve. Christian Science throws a new light upon this idea, revealing it to be a possible privilege within the reach of every individual who will take the necessary steps toward its achievement. No one need be deprived of its blessing, no one need be disappointed in its fulfilment.

The noblest going abroad is purely mental in its first and' last analysis. It is the entry through Christian Science into the spiritual universe, the realm of Mind, and it is infinite in the opportunity it offers for discovery, enjoyment, and education. In it there is no fault. Its history is the old, old one of the ideas of never-changing Love expanding through eternity; its effect upon the traveler is one of constant inspiration which is never followed by reaction; its views are subline with celestial grandeur; the climate met with is ideal and unchanging, health-giving to all. Every state of the journey is secure, for God guides and guards every step of the way; good is all there is to be encountered. The price of the journey is within the reach of all; it is the earnest desire to know more of truth and beauty.

Giving a Christian Science Lecture
October 24, 1914

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