I have read the report of Mr.—'s address on "Faith-healing...

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I have read the report of Mr.—'s address on "Faith-healing and Common Sense," in a recent issue, and ask you to allow me to point out that Christian Science, and faith-healing as it is generally understood, have nothing whatever in common. Also, it would scarcely by possible for a movement to be establishment on so firm a basis as is the case with Christian Science if, as the speaker said, "Christian Scientists have got hold of a certain amount of truth which they mixed with a great deal of error," for truth and error cannot commingle. The result of any attempt to make them do so is graphically described by Christ Jesus as a "house divided against itself," which cannot stand. That Christian Science reveals truth is evident when it is seen that the sick are healed, and sin and discord destroyed, by the application of the teaching of Christian Science today, in exactly the same manner as two thousand years ago.

Christ Jesus came, as he explained, to fulfil the law of God, and in so doing, both he and his disciples healed the sick and destroyed sin and various forms of discord. In doing all these great works, however, neither Christ Jesus nor his disciples denied anything beyond a belief in the reality of evil. Christian Science likewise teaches the denial of nothing beyond a belief in that which is not true. Christian Science, far from being destructive, is preeminently constructive, and since truth is immutable and infinite, it constitutes its own protection. It is for this reason that understanding or demonstration of truth results in "signs following," in fulfilment of the statement that those who understood the teaching of the Founder of Christianity would be able to do the works he did. In proportion, therefore, to the understanding of that teaching are the works accomplished.

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