[Translated from the German]

In the spring of 1911 I was taken severely ill, and was...

In the spring of 1911 I was taken severely ill, and was obliged to stay in bed for six weeks, besides suffering from the after effects a long time; but in the spring of 1912, when I had another such attack, accompanied by pleurisy, we turned to Christian Science for help, having in the mean time investigated its teachings. A Christian Science practitioner to whom we applied took up treatment, and I began to improve at once, so that in a short time I was completely restored. I would also mention that I remained in bed only a few days and was able to supervise my business all the time, something which had been impossible during former attacks. Furthermore, I have been healed of severe cough and expectoration of years' standing, and all who see me wonder at my healthy appearance.

We have also experienced in the case of our youngest son what is possible with God. When the child began to walk, his right foot would turn over, so that he actually stood on his ankle. Various physicians to whom we applied spoke of operating and shortening the sinew, but to this we could not consent. We then had the child wear a boot with splints on the side, but this proved a failure, as the limb did not show a normal development. The quick healing which I had experienced, induced us to put our son under the care of a Christian Science practitioner. After the first few treatments we discarded the surgical boot, and a few months later our child was healed, his leg now being as normal as the other, so that he is able to be on his feet from morning till night and to run faster than any of his playmates.

October 24, 1914

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