The Northwestern Weekly Review seems to have become a...

The Northwestern Weekly Review

The Northwestern Weekly Review seems to have become a clearing-house for exchange of opinions, and its courtesy should be thoroughly appreciated. If each writer is sincere from his own point of view, and willing to concede the same position to his neighbor, much good may result. The articles by A. K. Sweet and J. H. Dempster are kindly in their reference to Christian Science and its followers, and had the writers pursued their quest to an understanding of the Principle and practise involved, instead of being satisfied with a superficial examination of the teaching, I am quite sure neither would have made the statements he did.

The first of these gentlemen tells us that Christian Science is far from being "philosophic or scientific," and this is where we differ. It would not be considered fair to judge the rules of mathematics by the badly worked out problem of a student, or the science of electricity by the work of one who had not sufficient understanding of the laws involved to gain the success which would have crowned close adherence to established rules. The same test should govern the critic or investigator of Christian Science. The fact that one may have followed out experiments along a material method of healing to the point of even calling it a science, gives him no right to claim that a mental or spiritual system is not a science.

January 24, 1914

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