My nephew has been healed in Christian Science

My nephew has been healed in Christian Science. It was while his mother was visiting us that we learned that he had a goiter, and later he came to us to ask for the address of a gentleman living somewhere near Beaver Falls who could give him treatment in Christian Science. As we did not know the man's address, we told him of a lady who had once helped my husband when he had a severe cold accompanied by rheumatism. My nephew then requested me to write to this lady and ask for treatment for his neck, which he said had been troubling him for some time. It was noticeably enlarged and pained him at intervals, with sharp though not continuous pains. He had consulted the best doctor in this place, a member of the board of health, who told him nothing could be done with it until the tumor had grown larger, when it could be removed by an operation. He went to another doctor, but finding no help, he turned to Christian Science. After the first week's treatment there was no more pain, and the swelling kept going down gradually, until after about three months there was no noticeable enlargement. He then asked to have the treatment stopped, as he saw no need for any more. Meanwhile, he had also been helped to find employment.—Mrs. William Beighley, West Sunbury, Pa.

Testimony of Healing
It is with an overflowing sense of gratitude that I send my...
January 24, 1914

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