Trust in God

An incident which occurred while visiting some friends a short time ago, has proved helpful to me in overcoming a sense of timidity and a want of confidence which was apt to assert itself when occasion demanded that I should apply what understanding I had gained of Christian Science toward helping others. We had been listening to a young violinist, whose fine touch and technical skill, as well as the sense of harmony with which she played, had greatly pleased us all. The pleasure we had in listening was increased by the fact that she played entirely from memory. I could not refrain from mentioning this to her, and asking how she had been able to commit so much music to memory, so that she could play with absolute confidence. She replied: "Of course one has to learn thoroughly and practise perseveringly; and then—one has to trust."

How often since then I have thought of her reply, from which I learned a lesson. Our Leader says, "You should practise well what you know, and you will then advance in proportion to your honesty and fidelity" (Science and Health, p. 449). This was just what the young violinist had done in her musical studies, so that, having studied thoroughly and practised perseveringly, for the rest she could trust. And so, when the occasion offers itself in which we may speak a helpful word to one in need, let us not hesitate, doubting whether our understanding is sufficient, wondering if we shall voice the right thought. Did not the Master say: "It shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you."

January 24, 1914

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