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Birkenhead (England) News

I have read the letter signed George S. Hazlehurst, on the subject of Christian Science, in a recent issue. The critic's method of reasoning may appear logical enough to those who accept the premise from which he obviously starts. The fact, however, should not be overlooked that Christ Jesus came, as he said, not "to destroy, but to fulfil" the law of God. This he did by healing sickness, destroying sin and discord, and raising the dead. Would the Founder of Christianity, who had come to reveal the law of God, or absolute Truth, have done these works if in so doing he was destroying or even interfering with what God had created, with what was true or real? We are then forced to the conclusion that the discordant conditions which were healed through the understanding and application of the teaching of Christ Jesus were at that time, and consequently are now, unreal. We are equally compelled to admit that the best, and indeed the only, way these same conditions can be healed today, is through the application of those same teachings. Have Christians any more right to believe in the necessity or reality of evil today than Jesus did? Sickness, sin, and all evil do not now constitute God's creation, the only creation, any more than they did nineteen hundred years ago. It is for this reason that Mrs. Eddy writes, in Science and Health, "We acknowledge God's forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal" (p. 497).

It is unnecessary, I think, to refer to the impossibility of believing in the reality or power of evil without being subject to the effects of that belief, and surely the belief in two powers, good and evil, is none other than a "house divided against itself," which Jesus declared so emphatically could not stand. Reasoning with the irrefutable logic which permeated the teaching of the Founder of Christianity, and which was confirmed by the magnificent results accomplished, Christian Science is today healing the sick and destroying sin by identically the same method. Indeed, there is no other way whereby Christianity can be practised.

January 24, 1914

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