It was a dull gray morning as I stood at my terraced window, gazing over the bay toward Naples. I could just see the dark line of land across the water, so heavy seemed the clouds, when suddenly, as I looked, the pink-white houses stood out in bold relief from the gloom, each separated from the things surrounding it. Here and there, one was touched by the hidden sun behind me in the east. I could not see the sun, and all around me lay in shadow; but as the light pierced through the clouds, the houses in the western bay caught and threw back a bright reflection of the light that was hidden to me.

As I gazed on this scene, I thought of man, God's image and likeness ; how as "the Sun of righteousness" touches the consciousness of mortals, one awakened thought here, another there, rises out of the gloom of material sense. Having caught the true understanding of being, these thoughts reflect back into earth's darkness the light of Love and stand out separate from the world and its ways.

"As the waters cover the sea"
January 24, 1914

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