I feel it a duty to relate a little of my experience in...

I feel it a duty to relate a little of my experience in Christian Science. Nearly three years ago I broke down in health. We called up the doctor of the lodge to which I belonged and he said my heart was very bad. I also suffered from stomach trouble and extreme nervousness. After nine weeks, in which I took drugs and medicines of all kinds, he pronounced my case hopeless, and somehow all our friends and the village people were under the impression that I was not likely to live long.

About this time a friend from a near-by town came to see me, and advised me to go to a man who, he felt sure, would do me good. I inquired what kind of treatment I should receive, and he said it would be what Christian Science gives; but I was no wiser than before, as I did not know what, this meant. He left a copy of the Journal, and its perusal brought me hope and joy. I decided in a day or two to see a practitioner, but I suffered much on the journey there. However, both my wife and myselft had a mountain of trouble destroyed at that first visit, and we left the office quite happy. I may say that I was healed of the stomach trouble right then, for I began to eat anything that was put before me without any ill effect whatever. I also gained strength, and in a few months I weighed more than I ever had in my life. The sense of nervousness was not destroyed so quickly, but I resumed my work after seven or eight week's treatment, though I continued with the practitioner for two weeks longer. I have taken no medicine since that time, and I have not missed a day from work on account of the old complaints; then, too, I can do more work with less fatigue. I do not have colds as I did formerly. All this, with many other benefits, means to me more than words can tell, as it does to my wife and four children.

Testimony of Healing
With a thankful heart to our heavenly Father, I give this...
January 17, 1914

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