An article in a popular magazine calls attention to the...

Lakeview (III.) Times and News

An article in a popular magazine calls attention to the asserted growth in America of what the author terms mysticism. Christian Science is included by him in the category of the mystical, but mistakenly so if that word is used as meaning that which is mysterious or mystifying. Mrs. Eddy says, on page 80 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" : "Science dispels mystery and explains extraordinary phenomena; but Science never removes phenomena from the domain of reason into the realm of mysticism." Students of Christian Science have found that its explanation of phenomena which are little comprehended by the popular thought, is such as to remove them from the realm of mystery, as claimed by Mrs. Eddy. Even those phenomena of the human or mortal mind regarded by Christian Science as temporal and unreal, are interpreted in such a manner as to make their nature better understood. However, it is in its interpretation of the real, the spiritual facts of being, that Christian Science has rendered its greatest service to humanity. That which to many has heretofore seemed remote, indefinite, and intangible, has through Christian Science become to them a present, definite, substantial reality.

Reason is generally considered to be a purely human faculty, and that which is spiritual or supersensible is thought to be beyond the ken of reason. However, God said through Isaiah: "Come now, and let us reason together;" and Christian Scientists are beginning to understand that in extending this invitation to mankind God was not asking an impossible thing. Communion with divine intelligence, or the Mind which is called God, is indeed possible to one who is on this plane of existence. This has been proved by successive revelations of Truth to humankind through individuals whose spiritual perception was sufficiently clear to make it possible for them to become revelators. This succession of revelation has culminated in the present age with the discovery of Christian Science, which as its Discoverer, Mrs. Eddy, declares, reconciles reason and revelation.

February 8, 1913

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