It is now four years since I first became interested in...

It is now four years since I first became interested in Christian Science, and during that time I have benefited in many ways from the understanding I have gained from Mrs. Eddy's teaching, which has brought much happiness and contentment into my life through the realization which has come to me of the absolute power of divine Love and the nothingness of evil.

I should like to tell of a healing which I experienced in August, 1911. My husband and I were at a cricket-match in our village, and we were invited to tea on the grounds. A great many wasps were all around the table, and without noticing I put a piece of cake into my mouth with a wasp on it. My husband, who was standing near me, saw what had happened, and as I got up from the table, he and I went off a short distance from our friends. My mouth began to swell immediately, but I at once declared the truth and had no fear, and felt able to hold to the thought that there is no power in evil, my husband also helping me. I had been stung on my tongue, the roof of my mouth, and the lower jaw. When I began to realize the power of divine Mind, I found that the swelling was reduced perceptibly, and after a short time my husband and I returned to our friends. Only two or three people knew I had been stung, and they could not believe anything had happened, as my speech was just as usual, for I talked to several people for an hour or more. My mouth was still a little painful, but all swelling had disappeared when I got home, and I was able to eat my dinner without any discomfort.

Testimony of Healing
I was very much in need of help when Christian Science...
February 8, 1913

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