In 1906 I turned to Christian Science, after having been...

In 1906 I turned to Christian Science, after having been helped several times in the preceding twelve years; but each time I had turned away from Truth and gone deeper into the mire of dissipation, proving the significance of what Jesus said to the impotent man: "Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee."

When I determined to become a Christian Scientist, it was after several months of contemplated self-destruction. I did not care to admit that I really wanted Science, after being a backslider three times; so I hesitated to ask for help, as I realized the necessity of sincerity and earnest work on my part if I expected the proper results. I had lost my position on account of drink, and had come face to face with the awful conviction that so long as I continued to do as I had been doing, I had nothing but misery, mental, moral, and physical, before me. I asked a sister who is a Christian Scientist and who had helped me at different times, to help me once more, as I was in earnest this time.

Testimony of Healing
When a little child, I remember that my father read of a...
February 8, 1913

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