Recent issuse of your paper have contained accounts of...

Beaver County News

Recent issuse of your paper have contained accounts of a company of hypnotists who have been giving a show in your city, from which accounts it would appear that some of their actions have aroused a great deal of indignation among your citizens. The manager of this show has frequently stated, during his performances and to your citizens generally, that he is a Christian Scientist in a great many respects, and that hypnotic healing and Christian Science healing are the very same. These statements are utterly at variance with the facts, for Christian Science is not hypnotism, and the gentleman was sadly misinformed and spoke without any knowledge of Christian Science when he made such assertions.

The facts are that Christian Science and hypnotism are not only not the same, but practically speaking each may be said to be the exact opposite of the other. Christian Science deals only with the things of God, Spirit, and its whole endeavor is to liberate mankind from all bondage, mental, moral, and physical, by bringing them into a realization of man's identity and being as the image and likeness of God, as shown in the account of his creation in the first chapter of Genesis. On the contrary, the intention of hypnotism is to deprive man temporarily or permanently of his freedom and volition.

February 8, 1913

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