In a well-written article in the Sunday Sun some prescriptions...

Baltimore (Md.) Sun

In a well-written article in the Sunday Sun some prescriptions for pain were given. The writer gives his idea of the treatment of pain by Epicureans, Stoics, and Christian Scientists, and then presents as his theory that "we must not run away from pain, because it is educative." "We are not to be delivered from pain, but to glory in it, for God sends it and intends it for our good." We agree with the writer that his theory is not the Christian Science one, and from the universal fight for health we do not believe that there are many others who believe with him that it is sinful to desire to be liberated from pain.

Jesus brought men to the Father by healing them of "all manner of disease" and of suffering and lack of all kinds, and commanded his disciples and all others who believed on him to go into all the world and follow his example. If these tribulations were sent by God, Jesus would not have spent his time and efforts in taking them away or have bidden his followers to do likewise. Christian Scientists believe that the heavenly Father, who is infinitely above the human, would be much less desirous of inflicting sickness and suffering on His children than would the earthly father on his little ones; and a man who would deliberately do this would receive little consideration in the treatment accorded him.

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