For over seven years I have enjoyed the privileges and...

For over seven years I have enjoyed the privileges and blessings of Christian Science, and I feel rather apologetic because this is my first written acknowledgment of all the good, the joy, and the happiness that have come to me through the study of the Bible and Science and Health. This study has indeed unlocked a treasure-house for my free use. I can well say with the psalmist, "How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand." Yet we are slow to realize that the "kingdom of God is within," and to acknowledge the blessings which are not seen, forgetting that the "things which are seen are temporal."

I was not forced into Christian Science through physical suffering, although my first week in this beautiful study, with a practitioner's help, healed me of defective vision and restored my eyes, which were fast becoming useless; then a few weeks' reading of Science and Health banished a lifelong bowel trouble and left me free, with the sense of one whose bonds had been loosed. But the great blessing to me has been the change of view-point; life has taken on a new aspect,—truly "the Lord openeth the eyes of the blind." With spiritual sight life is beautiful, full of work and joy and love. The love which comes to us in the light of Christian Science is a great revelator. With great force comes the conviction that "that which is not love is hate;" there is no half-way measure with which we can meet our brother man. "Love is the liberator," and we know that "clad in the panoply of Love" (Science and Health, pp. 225, 571), we can meet all forms of error with assurance and find peace. Hatred, envy, selfishness, resentment, sensualism, vanish before the radiance of Love, as dew before the morning sun. With this protection about us, physical discords sink into the background, and finally vanish into their native nothingness.

Testimony of Healing
With a heart full of love and gratitude to God I send...
April 13, 1912

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