Let me ask a final word in reply to the recent communication...

Mattoon (III.) Commercial-Star

Let me ask a final word in reply to the recent communication from "Christian," who, though he fails to reveal his identity, nevertheless reveals his animus in attacking the teaching and practice of Christian Science. It seems evident, from the tenor of his last letter, that he is animated by fear of what he deems competition, but as a matter of fact Christian Scientists are not competing with their neighbors in the other churches. On the contrary, they are seeking, as well as they are able, to furnish their friends in and out of the churches with a practical example of what present-day Christianity should be. While conscious of some failures and many shortcomings, they are at the same time perfectly sure that they are making progress in the right direction, and are glad, as opportunity is offered, to share with others the good that has come to them by reason of gaining a better understanding of God, of His Christ, and of the words and works of Christ Jesus.

At the close of his ministry Jesus said: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater." His works, as every student of the gospels is aware, include the healing of the sick by spiritual means, without the aid of drugs and medicines. Theses works Christian Scientists are striving with a considerable degree of success to emulate. They do not claim that they never fail, nor do they claim to be equal to the Master in goodness, spirituality, or works, but they do claim the ultimate possibility of this, not only for themselves, but for all Christians. Furthermore, they believe it to be the duty of all Christians to make an earnest effort to comply with the demand made by Jesus of his followers, namely, to "heal the sick" as well as to "preach the gospel." Is it not pertinent to ask why one signing himself "Christian" should decry such effort?

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