I have been impressed for some time with a desire to tell...

I have been impressed for some time with a desire to tell others of my experience in Christian Science. I became acquainted with this teaching while in search for spiritual truth. My parents had brought me up to believe in predestination, and I was taught that their church was "the straight and narrow way" which leads to heaven. From early boyhood I tried to find the truth which the Bible said would make us free, and I read the Bible a great deal. Most of my neighbors were of the same faith as my parents, and it seemed to me they were the best people on earth, and that if any were right in their understanding of the Bible, they must be the ones.

As years rolled on I, however, began to meet with financial misfortunes, and worst of all my wife and two babies were taken from me. This seemed more than I could bear, and the only comfort I could get by talking to my own people and the church-members was that this was God's will. This caused me to make a closer study of the Scriptures, and while I could not understand the Bible, I could not agree with my church friends. At the same time I knew that they were honest in their beliefs. A few years later another baby was taken from me, and right after I lost practically all I had in a financial way. This happened in Arkansas. I had married again, and I took my wife and moved to Arizona, trying to run away from my troubles, but I had been there scarcely one year when my wife was taken, and I was left with three small children, one only six weeks old. I then arranged to take my children back to my old home, which was four days' travel by rail, and it was on this memorable trip that I made up my mind to find out, if possible, why I was thus punished, and if there was a God who foreordained and sent such punishment upon His people.

Testimony of Healing
No one has more occasion for gratitude for Christian Science...
April 13, 1912

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