One dull Monday afternoon in early spring a patient entered the office of a Christian Science practitioner. The patient's mood matched the day, and she poured a tale of dejection into the practitioner's long-suffering ears. The service had been very beautiful the day before, she said, the lesson being "Love," and she had enjoyed it all so much; but before she left the church some one had approached her about a matter which was no concern of hers, and had been exceedingly disagreeable. Then all the gladness gained from the service seemed fled, and she had not yet recovered it.

The practitioner made no comment, but with a gentle, quizzical smile turned to his desk, and pointing to a vase of jonquils which stood there said, with Love-given wisdom, "See those flowers." The winter-starved eyes of his patient rested with delight on the yellow blossoms, bright harbingers of the coming spring, which she had not before noticed and she was ready to respond when he said, "Now, those flowers took from the sun just the rays of light they needed to make them that color. So we may take from those we meet that which will make us happy, or miserable. It is for us to choose."

April 13, 1912

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