In a recent issue is published a reprint from the American Medical Association Journal,...

New Orleans (La.) Times-Democrat

In a recent issue is published a reprint from the American Medical Association Journal, which comments justly and generouly upon the excellent sanitary work which has been done to safeguard the health of the people of Panama, all of which we can endorse. Then the article declares, "And yet the League for Medical Freedom ... demands that the President revoke his order limiting the right to treat disease on the isthmus to properly educated persons, and that the wonderful results secured by the toil and sacrifice of devoted, clear-headed scientific men be surrendered." Evidently it has been forgotten that the excellent record which has just been recounted was made while Christian Science was being practised on the isthmus, and that the demand of the Medical League has been made in order to safeguard the present situation, not to "surrender" it. Christian Science contributes contributes its share toward maintaining the health of the people in the Canal Zone, and we dare say no small share. It is conceded by all that fear and anxiety have much to do with fostering the sort of disease which is found in the isthmus, and it is admitted even by non-believers that Christian Science contributes largely toward their minimization. It enlarges one's understanding of the ever-presence and omnipotence of God, who is a "very present help in trouble." It helps us to dwell "in the secret place of the most High," wherein it is promised "there shall no evil befall" us. The revision of the President's order does not in any way change affairs there. It does not affect that part of the work of "scientific men" which is considered by the general public to be of greatest importance, namely, the sanitary regulations. These are all heartily endorsed by Christian Scientists. They believe in pure air, pure water, and cleanliness in body and mind, for the purest and best in the material most nearly approach the spiritual.

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