He was looking into the heart of a March sunset whose radiant glories were latticed by a group of leafless trees after a fashion that would have delighted the eye of an artist. Thought had been quickened to an aspiring glow, and as he stood with uncovered head there came out of the vanishing pink above him those cheerily familiar notes which are known to every nature lover as the call of the red-winged blackbird. Looking up, he saw a whole bevy of these happy harbingers of spring, headed straight for the sun which they so unfailingly follow year after year in their migrations between the river banks of the North and the everglades of the South. These feathered folk are true to the leading of light, and it is thus that they escape untempered airs and find that which conduces to the completeness and joy of their simple lives.

In all this they become our teachers; they tell us of the gain of loyalty to Truth, and that we shall find in its effulgence the fulness of life's true satisfactions. Were the birds unsupplied with a safe-guiding instinct, or were they disobedient to it, their welfare would not be conserved despite the richness of the sun's outpour, and this illustrates the significance to our well-being both of the faculty of spiritual perception and of glad conformity to its behests. These compass the deepest issues of human life, and the practical value of Christian Science inheres in the fact that as its teaching is assimilated we become more sensitive to the light of Truth and Love, and correspondingly more disposed to follow it.

April 6, 1912

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