An anonymous writer in a recent issue of the Leader...

Pueblo (Col.) Leader

An anonymous writer in a recent issue of the Leader denounces Christian Scientists with considerable heat for their "vicious 'treatment' of innocent helpless children." Now, what is a Christian Science treatment at which this anonymous writer from his retreat hurls these adjectives? Prayer to God, nothing more, nothing less; prayer in which the goodness, the love, the tender care of God for all His creatures is declared and acknowledged; prayer in which man is seen as the unfallen sinless child of God; in which sin, disease, and death are known as unrealities.

That the prayer of the Christian Scientist heals the sick, no intelligent observer with a regard for facts would attempt to deny. And yet this anonymous contributor would have the public think there was something unchristian about it. Paul, who healed by prayer, it will be remembered was called "a pestilent fellow" by the opponents of Christ's teaching in his time; and the Pharisees sought to show that Jesus' healing was "vicious, heathenish," by imputing his healing power to be derived from Beelzebub instead of from God.

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