Christian Science is of peculiar significance to those who to sense are approaching the so-called sunset of life. Upon the aged, scholastic theology imposes an enforced acquiescence in the legitimacy of weakness and limitation. Of the concomitants of this belief we have all had witness.

Christian Science has come with tidings of cheer and hope to drive out all these shadows, and to substitute therefor the brilliancy of an endless day. Instead of looking forward to possible poverty and consequent dependence, instead of fearing that his bank account is going to be taken away, or that panics and market depressions are going to cause a loss of substance, the Christian Scientist knows that since "substance is that which is eternal and incapable of discord and decay" (Science and Health, p. 468), the sense of loss is to be eliminated from both his vocabulary and his thought. Instead of feeling that there must needs come a time when decrepitude will place him in the position of being dependent possibly on strangers for care and comfort, he realizes that each day of his advance is revealing new friends and loved ones whose gratitude and kindliness to him is the logical expression of his reflection of loving-kindness to them.

April 6, 1912

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