A writer in the American voices his lack of faith in Christian Science...

Baltimore (Md.) American

A writer in the American voices his lack of faith in Christian Science. This is not extraordinary, as it is the unknown that is usually condemned and feared, and our critic does not profess a knowledge of this science. But he does not believe that God makes man sick, because the Bible teaches that God is love. This is the claim of Christian Science, and as God is omnipotent and All-in-all, there can be no other power able to inflict disease in violation of His law if the children of God, fearless, full of understanding of their inheritance of health and happiness, manifest love and unselfishness and overcome sin and the false beliefs that hold them in bondage.

The above writer quotes another correspondent of the American as writing, "If God made man sick, then sickness is good for him, and what right has he to try to get well?" This was intended to emphasize, undoubtedly, that a loving creator could not give sickness, but for those who believed such to be possible they must also acknowledge that, as God did everything for our good, it would be going against His will to try to get well.

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