A feeling of gratitude too deep for words prompts me to...

A feeling of gratitude too deep for words prompts me to tell others of my experience in Christian Science. When this truth found me, I was about as utterly discouraged as it is possible to be. I had lost all faith in doctors and drugs, and had very little in God as a saving power, since those who claimed to be much better acquainted with Him than I, seemed to rely on almost anything else rather than to trust God to take care of them; but as soon as Christian Science was explained to me, I knew that it was the truth, and then and there I decided to investigate it. I certainly could never have done anything which would have resulted in bringing as much good into my own life, as well as to my family. I will not enumerate the many ailments to which I was subject, since it would be only a waste of time; but I will endeavor to tell of that which has been such a help to me. Although I have studied Christian Science for over three years, and have all this time believed that God is the only power, it has taken me all this time to find out just how to apply this truth. I have found it is good to declare that God is the only power; but that to prove it is much better. This was a question which had often perplexed me, since I had tried many times without success to prove this truth, although I had had many beautiful demonstrations of the power of Truth.

One morning, after a struggle with error, I decided to analyze the problem and see where the trouble was. All at once it dawned on me that I had only been believing instead of understanding the truth. Was it any wonder that I did not get results? We can hope to reap only what we sow; therefore, having sown ignorance, I must expect to reap accordingly. If we know that God is the only power, we know that error has no power. I reasoned from this standpoint of Christian Science, that since I, as God's child, knew that God is the only power, I also knew that discouragement, fear, sin, disease, lack, limitation, and kindred errors are not of God; therefore they have no power except as we give them place in our thought.

Testimony of Healing
In April, 1911, I was taken with a fever, all of the usual...
December 21, 1912

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