It happened one day that a little boy living near by was sent with a written message to his grandma who lives just around the corner. From my window I watched the little fellow set out on what was doubtless to him an important mission, and I was interested to see how he would make out with it. Carefully turning the corner, he made straight for the right house, passed on through the gate and up to the door, and there he planted his little figure, close up against the door.

It did not seem to occur to the child that in order to make the occupant within know he was there he must needs show some sign of his presence. There he waited, never moving from his post, for some considerable time, until at last he began to look about him, apparently in utter astonishment and disappointment that no one should come and open the door to him. One could not help feeling sorry for the boy. He held the note in his hand securely enough, he had not turned out of his way in his search for the house, and he was playing the rest of his little part so well, but he failed to comply with the one condition which would have insured him an answer; namely, to knock! This little incident quickly set my thought to work, and it was the means of bringing home to me some useful lessons; hence I venture to pass it on, in the hope that it may serve to strengthen the faith or endeavor of another.

December 21, 1912

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