Christian Scientists have no wish to press their views on...

Haddingtonshire (Scotland) Advertiser

Christian Scientists have no wish to press their views on those who are satisfied with their present understanding of Christianity; the appeal of this Science is to the unsatisfied. At the same time it would be a very great pleasure to me if I could clear away any false impressions received, and with this object in view I will touch on one or two points of importance in the teaching. I think the argument of Mr. Wright's book may be summed up in the declaration that what is true in Christian Science is not new, and what is new is not true. To this I reply that Christian Science does not profess to be a new religion, or in any sense a substitute for the teachings of our Lord and Master. We are convinced, on the contrary, that it is that fuller understanding of his life, of his words and works, which he himself declared would come when the world was ready to receive it.

There is no new truth; "as it was in the beginning" it "is now, and ever shall be; world without end." There is, however much in Christian Science which is new to the thought of this age, and this exposes it to opposition, because the world has ever been inhospitably disposed toward new ideas. The healing of Christian Science differs radically from all other forms of healing, in that it recognizes that all disease is entirely of mental procurement and addresses itself first and last to the detection and correction of those unhealthy thoughts, sins, fears, or anxieties in which the disease originated. In order to have some idea of how the healing is accomplished, we must gain an understanding of the nature of Mind. Christian Science teaches that there is only one Mind, one intelligence, God. All would admit that there is but one truth, that is, that no one possesses a personal private truth of his own, but simply manifests to a greater or lesser degree the one truth which is here to be used by every one who can perceive it and grasp it.

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