The significance of the teaching of Christ Jesus which the beloved disciple was ever repeating, and which Mrs. Eddy has rephrased in the four words "Love is the liberator" (Science and Health, p. 225), is best understood when put over against the Master's saying that Truth shall make free, for Truth and Love are thus seen to be at-one, and to be identified with the active Principle of the universe. It is this that gives character to the gospel as compared with the law, which is ordinarily thought of as fixed, unyielding, and insistent, as encouraging no hope in the offender, to whom it is likely to seem hard and unfeeling. Love on the other hand appeals to all as kindly, as considerate for circumstance, ready to hear even the Magdalene's statement of her case, to weigh every least extenuating fact, and to judge with mercy and compassion.

When to this "good news" that every divine impulse is prompted by love alone, there is added the further fact that "Love is reflected in love" (Science and Health, p. 17), that it is to be brought nigh to men in the blossomings and fruitage of a pure human affection, then an entirely new and altogether inspiring vision is gained of the possibilities of even the humblest life. We have all had a sense that God is to be revealed to mankind, and we have believed that salvation pertains to this fact. Now and then, perchance, in some rare moment of clear intuition, or when face to face with some thrilling event, we have even been led, as was Jacob, to say, "Surely the Lord is in this place;" but how feeble has been the realization that the All-Father is being, or is to be, savingly revealed to men in our lives! When, however, the truth of being is apprehended and our better self begins to appear in Christian Science, the law of this reflection of Love's efficiency becomes apparent, and as the spirit of kindliness and gentleness grows to be more Christlike and continuous, our presence and unspoken word begin to give evidence of the virtue which pertained, as we are told, to Peter's shadow.

December 21, 1912

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