In April, 1911, I was taken with a fever, all of the usual...

In April, 1911, I was taken with a fever, all of the usual symptoms, derangement of the bowels, high temperature, ringing in the head, and a coated tongue, being present. This state of affairs remained unchanged for about two days, when my wife said we must call in a practitioner, and she went to the lady who had helped her find freedom from a chronic stomach trouble. She saw the practitioner about nine o'clock that night, and treatment was given me. I was very thirsty and drank a good deal of ice water the first part of the night, then I went to sleep and did not wake up until morning, when the fever and other symptoms were gone and I knew I was healed, although still weak. I got up at my regular time and dressed, ate a light breakfast, and rested on a sofa in the sitting-room. After dinner, in the middle of the day, I sat up and read, and the next day I was as well as ever.

I am grateful for Christian Science, not only for the physical help it has been to me, and to my wife and children, but also for the help it has brought me in my business affairs, keeping up my courage when things looked dark, and showing me that I must eventually succeed because of right motives. I knew that I did not want a success which would injure or impoverish any one else. When I first began to read in my wife's copy of Science and Health, I said, "This is what I have been looking for all my life, but I did not know it was called religion." Christian Science is good and true and beautiful, and I am glad that Mrs. Eddy acquired and gave to the world this vision of Truth. I am thankful, too, for the care she has taken in safeguarding Christian Science from adulteration with the errors of the human mind.—James McCartney, Mobile, Ala.

December 21, 1912

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