In his epistle to the Ephesians Paul gives this final counsel: "Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might." This verse, which has been much quoted, has restored faith, increased courage, given added endurance and patience; it has been the watch-cry of faith and trust. Today, to the Christian Scientist it means all this—and more. Instead of being largely a desired mental state, it becomes a demand for mental action. Heretofore a faith in a power without, it today arouses us to the realization and use of a strength and power within.

This activity has, in turn, two phases. We are bidden to "be strong in the Lord,"—to know that God, divine Principle, ever-present, omnipotent Love, meets every spiritual, mental, or physical need, and to know this so absolutely that more and more each day the only reality in our consciousness is the good, and that, hence, evil exists not; we are to be strong in the knowledge that the power of Truth is ever-active, final, absolute,—"and in the power of his might." We are to be strong not only in the faith and knowledge of this divine law of Truth, but strong in that power to use it which is vested in man as God's reflection, and which each as God's child must prove as his birthright. Can we realize a power which is never put into action? Would our faith in the wireless transmit the message without our employment of the instruments or our understanding of the laws involved?

December 21, 1912

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