Our clerical critic has referred to a few people as having...

Dayton (Ohio) Herald

Our clerical critic has referred to a few people as having passed away under Christian Science treatment, dying with cancer and tuberculosis, and the public must be the judge whether or not charity was here made manifest. It is seldom that any one suffering with either of the diseases named calls upon a Christian Science practitioner without first having medical aid and usually remaining under the care of physicians until told that there is no hope of ever being restored to health. There are living witnesses in the city of Dayton who have been healed in Christian Science of the diseases named, at least so pronounced by reputable physicians. It is true that in one family a child passed away with diphtheria under Christian Science treatment, but our friend omitted to tell his congregation that four cases passed away with the same disease under medical care. Is it just to speak of cases passing away under Christian Science treatment and to say not a word respecting the people who pass away under medical treatment?

"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord," we read in the prophecy of Isaiah. When reputable physicians are called into a home to help some sick one and they do all they know how to do to prolong life and alleviate human suffering, but fail, should we not be grateful to them for what they tried to do? There is no strife between Christian Scientists and physicians. Those who prefer medical treatment should have that right, and those who prefer Christian Science treatment should have the same privilege. And should the loved one not be restored to health when a Christian Science practitioner is called into a home to pray for the sick, does not fairness and charity demand that both the parents and practitioner be respected without publicity from pulpit and press.

December 21, 1912

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