The so-called mind of mortals is constantly looking for trouble, and it usually finds it. Until quickened by the leaven of spiritual truth, it spends much valuable time in murmuring, faultfinding, criticizing, and condemning. It is pessimistic and pestilential, forever borrowing trouble and getting others into trouble. It is so accustomed to look on the dark side of human existence that it has become a veritable prophet of evil.

As the harmonies of spiritual Life unfold more and more in the universal consciousness, the devastating and obnoxious tendencies of this aggressive foreboder of evil become more apparent to those who are gaining a balance on the side of good and are striving to "live above corporeal sense and correct it" (Science and Health, p. 167). They feel the touch of error's boasted law of condemnation, but having learned that there is no material law they are enabled to annul this merciless usurper of divine power, and to find the one haven of rest and peace "in the secret place of the most High." In this way the Christian Scientist becomes reconciled to the good, and ever afterward, unless he loses sight of the goal of spiritual perfection, he will be found contending for the reality and operation of divine law as abundantly able to correct the discords of earth. He will never predict evil for friend or foe, but step by step he will prove that man is not a slave to matter, and that his knowledge of good is his spiritual dominion.

July 30, 1910

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