One Sunday morning, after having been to church, where...

One Sunday morning, after having been to church, where I listened to the reading of the Lesson-Sermon entitled "Love," I was startled by an uproar in the back part of the house. On going into the kitchen, I found that my six-year-old niece had been bitten in the face by a bulldog, and that the blood was streaming from the wounds, while her mother was in a state of frenzy from fear and excitement. The neighbors were also greatly excited, and loud in their denunciations of the dog. Nevertheless, so conscious was I of the presence of divine Love, that I was not disturbed by the scene, and in minute or two from the time I entered the room quiet reigned.

At this juncture a neighbor came running to the kitchen door, offering me a bottle and saying, "This will take the poison out." I stepped to the door of an adjoining room, where the mother, who is not a Scientist, was standing, and asked whether she wanted Christian Science, a physician, or the remedy which the lady offered. She replied: "Oh, I don't know! I will leave it to you!" I said: "Very well," and going back to the kitchen door where the kind-hearted lady was waiting, I said to her, "I thank you very much, but we are Christian Scientists,—that is, I am trying to be,—and I prefer to rely wholly on Science." At this the lady drew back, as though she feared she had given offense; but I reassured her, with thanks for her kindness.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a grateful heart that I wish to testify to the...
July 16, 1910

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