I deem it a great privilege to be afforded the opportunity...

I deem it a great privilege to be afforded the opportunity of telling others what Christian Science has done for us. During the latter part of 1904, in an hour of great need, the teachings of our dear Leader were brought to our attention by a lady in Dallas, Tex., who had been uplifted by Truth. While at first they seemed absurd, this same lady directed us to a conscientious and intelligent practitioner of the same town, through whose kindness, patience, and understanding the light of Life, as shed on earth by Christ Jesus, and reflected anew in Christian Science, Christ Jesus, and reflected anew in Christian Science, broke in upon us and dispelled the darkness, gloom, and illusion of sin, sickness, disease, and death.

For some time prior to this our monthly bills for doctors and drugs had far exceeded any other item of our living expenses, and but very few days ever passed at a time that we did not either have the doctor in our home or have some instructions from him by telephone or otherwise. Our family physician was doing all that his theories would permit to relive our apparently desperate physical conditions, but he had reached the decision that the only alternative for my wife was to resort to a surgical operation, and he appeared to have concluded that I resisted all the remedial effects of the so-called "gold-cure" and the usual course of medical treatment for general debility. We are, however, now well and hearty, the use of drugs has been entirely dispensed with for over five years, and all thoughts of a surgical operation have been dismissed.

Testimony of Healing
The short time I have been interested in Christian Science...
July 16, 1910

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