With the signs of spring on every side, and the sweet unfoldment of nature under the touch of the warm sunshine and refreshing showers, each day bringing with it brighter promises of the glorious beauty and bounty of the summer that is nearing, the thought comes, How similar is this unfoldment of nature to the process that is going on in the world today in human consciousness, as a result of the sunshine of Christian Science! We are now in the springtime of the Christ-coming, and as the trees and plants on every side are being transformed from unsightly barrenness to beauty and bounty, and in the place of blight and seeming death tender leaves and tiny blossoms are springing forth to greet the sunshine, so today man, under the touch of Christian Science and the warmth of divine Love, is unfolding slowly but surely and blossoming forth in the image and likeness of his Maker, liberated from the seeming bonds of sickness, sin, and death to express the full freedom and usefulness of God's children.

If in the early spring we should accept the testimony of our physical sense, we might feel discouraged about the ultimate development of all the trees and plants, for some look as though they were never going to yield to the transforming touch of warm sunshine and shower; they seem so covered with dead leaves and other debris that we might almost wonder if they will ever be able to look up at the blue sky above. We do not accept the testimony of our eyes, however, for we know that in due season they will all blossom forth. And should we not have the same faith in the unfoldment of God's kingdom? or are we going to accept sense testimony in this instance, and be discouraged at the slow progress of some of our fellow-men? Some seem so asleep in the dream of life in matter with its pleasures and pains, and some are so covered with the debris of creeds and dogmas, that we are inclined at times to feel small hope of their ever awakening to spiritual life. Why should we doubt, though, with such a beautiful lesson about us today in nature's unfoldment?

April 30, 1910

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