Jesus said, "It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves." As I listened to this Scriptural rebuke, as it was read one Sunday morning during our service, I was awakened out of the mesmerism of greed and money-making. Later, as I was pondering on the above text, it became clear to me that I, too, had allowed thieves and robbers in my Father's house (my consciousness). I saw that I held it as a place of bartering and money-making, and that this was the reason why I could not make headway in Science and in my daily business. I was seemingly at a standstill, and failed in all that I undertook. I had read and studied Science for the past six years, and had been healed of many ailments; but there was one which still beset me, and which seems to afflict the majority of mankind, viz., the lack of money; and this was the desire of my whole being. If I could only have enough money, I would feel safe—I would have no fear of the morrow, no fear of my children's not receiving their proper education, and would be rid of the thousand and one fears which beset the future.

Though my intentions were no doubt good, yet I had to learn the better way; I had to learn that God, good, was my source of supply, that I had to take no thought for the morrow, that my children would receive proper training and no good thing would be withheld from them, if I would follow Love's guidance only. I had sought to make money and to make it fast, and here again I made another mistake, for when making money rapidly one is apt to be doing others out of their portion. I speculated freely and rushed after every alluring proposition within my reach, but of nothing did I make a success; one enterprise after another failed, until I was so reduced that I had to give up venturing. I often wondered why this was so. Now I know why. I was looking for my supply in matter instead of Mind. I always argued that I could not make money in Science, as money was material and had to be made materially; but that once I had made a fortune, I would devote more time to Science. This also was an error of thought, and error never can lead one to Truth. Had I succeeded I would no doubt have drifted in the wrong direction altogether.

April 30, 1910

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