To excuse sin in one's self, to fail to recognize sin as sin in one's self or in others,—in fact, wherever and whenever sin is voiced,—is to nurture and perpetuate sin. Sin is a false sense, and a false sense has no foundation in fact or in Science. A false sense harbored or entertained, under whatever pretext, name, or disguise, immediately finds expression in some of the myriad forms of error or discord. It is impossible that that which contributes to the gratification of a personal or false sense should result otherwise than in discord or distress. The gratification of selfish desires necessarily holds one restricted within the circumscribed area of human liminations. Science demands that we recognize a thing for what it is, therefore Science demands that we recognize error, sin, discord, or suffering as a false mortal belief, the aggravated and cumulative result of a false sense imparted through a mode of mental contagion and consciously or unconsciously accepted and acted upon by passive mortals.

Since error, being causeless, is inexplicable, it is not surprising that suffering or discord seems complex to mortal sense. Yet not so the remedy, which is simple and clear; for a false belief, having neither origin nor foundation in fact or in Science, has and can have no intelligence or mind with which to move, argue, or perpetuate itself, or to create channels for the infliction of penalties under its so-called laws. This false belief being thus degraded and reduced to its proper and only rightful state of nothingness and powerlessness in the light of Truth, all that remains in which to "live, and move, and have our being," is the divine consciousness or divine Mind which, being all-pervasive, omnipotent, and omniactive, heals the sick, dispels discord and the evil suggestions of a false sense. Thus may be discerned in Christian Science the infinitude and glory of God as All-in-all, and the dominion of man in His image and likeness.

April 30, 1910

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