Christian Science draws a sharp distinction between...

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Christian Science draws a sharp distinction between creation, the things that are, as they appear to our human senses, and these things as they exist in Truth, in the divine Mind that created them. By the human material senses they are apprehended only relatively as phenomena, and not cognized in their absolute reality. Hence our sense acquaintance with phenomena is mere belief as compared with absolute knowledge of the reality behind, as it were, those phenomena; hence in Christian Science matter stands for the erring human concept of true spiritual substance. The human concept is, therefore, not truth. It is given in Christian Science the generic name of error, and it is the birthplace and domain, and the only birthplace and the only domain, of evil. All that is, is perfect, for "the law of the Lord is perfect;" the imperfections exist only as the human concept is imperfect.

Christian Science teaches that Christianity's message of salvation is that it is possible for us, through purity, honesty, and humility, to work out our own salvation by letting the false concept be corrected by the knowledge of the truth; or, in Paul's words, by letting that Mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus. Thus it may be seen that no Christian Scientist would urge anything so egregiously foolish as the contention industriously combated by Father Day, that to the human senses matter, pain, disease, and evil are non-existent.

April 30, 1910

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