It is the heartfelt desire of every Christian Scientist, the natural expression of his gratitude for the joy Truth has brought him, to tell others of the good he has gained; but if we would feed the Father's sheep, we must listen for the Father's voice. It may be that some part of the Lesson, some aspect of the truth which has met our individual need, has appealed to us very strongly, and in the fulness of our joy we perhaps think that every one else must have had the came view and appreciation thereof.

One needs, however, on such occasions, to remember that very few receive and assimilate the same crumbs of comfort. Let us therefore eat and be thankful for the divine Love that feeds each child with the food convenient for him, but let us not presumptuously think that we can straightway take the morsel of bread that has fed us, and give it to others indiscriminately, whether they need it or not. If we would save our brother needless discouragement, perplexity, and doubt, we shall remember to think first upon Love's ever-presence. This will silence the egotism, conceit, and self-will in ourselves and enable us to lift up our brother into that consciousness where no need can be felt or known, where no thought or condition of want or woe can ever enter, for nothing that defileth or maketh a lie shall enter the heavenly kingdom.

September 11, 1909

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