The excuse-making habit is hoary with time. According to Biblical accounts Adam and Eve were the first to plead "extenuating circumstances." Adam began by excusing himself for hiding from the presence of the Lord, and Eve blamed a so-called talking serpent for her misdemeanor. Having partaken of the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, a sense of fear possessed them both, and this fear became the basis for their excuse-making. Had Adam and Eve understood the powerlessness of evil they could have protected themselves from the invasion of this mental enemy. So today, if humanity only knew enough of the Science of being, it could shut out this demoralizing tendency of human nature. As it is, mortals have almost unconsciously fallen into the habit of excuse-making.

This is true upon all planes of human existence, and nowhere more than in religion. The disinclination of mortals to comply with the demands of Truth and Love ought to convince all thinking people of something primarily wrong with human belief. So long as men and women believe the inconsistent theory that fallen mortals are God's children, the excuse-making habit will continue in full force. Not until Spirit is understood to be the sole creator of man and the universe, and man immortal and perfect, can fear be overcome. The supposition that mortality is the offspring of immortality can never usher in the reign of peace on earth and good will toward men, nor reveal that "perfect love" which "casteth out fear," because in the attempt to reconcile perfection and imperfection there will necessarily be the constant inclination to excuse every failure or mistake on the ground that God must be held responsible for it. What hope of happiness or success can be extended to the human race so long as they believe that God is the creator of evil, matter, and mortality!

February 13, 1909

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