It is nearly three and a half years since I became interested...

It is nearly three and a half years since I became interested in Christian Science, and I feel it is a duty for me to tell others what it has done for me. First of all, I was a semiinvalid most of the time for a number of years. The last nine months before coming into Christian Science I was in constant pain, and able to walk but very little. Since that time I have received a great deal of help for this trouble and can walk any distance with entire freedom from pain. In regard to the disease of which I was healed, one of the best surgeons in this country had said I could not be well without a very serious operation, but Christian Science annulled that unjust law. In our home there is no end to the good that Christian Science has brought to us. It has been our supply in all kinds of need. My little daughter has been carried through three attacks of contagious disease with very slight discomfort. She was also healed in less than twenty-four hours of a severe case of poisoning, her arm being very badly affected. I have had many quick proofs of what Christian Science can do in healing severe colds, burns, and minor troubles that come up. I would like to speak of two more proofs that to me seemed very beautiful. A member of the family complained of pain and soreness in his teeth and gums from no apparent cause. Almost instantly the pain was stopped through the realization of the truth that there is but one cause and one effect, and that good. The soreness also disappeared and nothing more was thought about it. In less than a week a piece of wooden toothpick nearly half an inch long came from the gum. The other case was a very sore finger, supposedly caused by a small piece of iron becoming imbedded in the flesh. The pain was stopped in one treatment, the swelling soon went away, and the finger was healed. A year before, the same kind of trouble had lasted for months and the finger-nail was lost.

These are but a few proofs of the efficacy of Christian Science in healing discordant conditions. Although I have not progressed as fast as I could wish in my journey "from sense to Soul" (Science and Health, p. 566), and still have many things to overcome, I am indeed grateful for this healing truth. As a family we owe more to Christian Science than I could tell, and we are grateful to God, and to Mrs. Eddy, who has shown us how to make the truth practical.—Mrs. Blanche Coates, Camden, Me.

Testimony of Healing
For ten years prior to turning to Christian Science I...
February 13, 1909

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