In the month of May, 1907, I was taken with an attack...

In the month of May, 1907, I was taken with an attack of severe illness. I called in a neighboring physician, who diagnosed my case as one of poisoning. He prescribed for me, and I was relieved of my distress for a time, but the following day the trouble reappeared in an aggravated form. My previous history, from the medical standpoint, which I gave to the doctor, led him to treat me for rheumatic trouble. He gave me a drug to be taken every two hours, and later increased the dose. I, however, grew worse instead of better, and although the swelling of the joints was reduced, I could move around the room only with the greatest difficulty, the trouble having become dropsical and settled in my lower limbs and feet.

At the time I was taken ill I had received word that a case in which I was to appear as a witness had been started before the court in Montreal, and that I was liable to be called at any day. I was exceedingly anxious to take the trip, so I aided my physician in every way, both by my obedience to his instructions and by my mental attitude. I had full confidence in his knowledge and had every hope of being well at an early day. At the end of two weeks' time the call came, and I left for Montreal. Upon my arrival the next morning I went to the hotel, and was at once compelled to take to my room. I arranged with the attorneys that I should be the last witness called, and found that I had a day or two to wait. I continued to take the medicine which I had with me during the first day, but when evening came I found myself much worse. I then called in a doctor recommended by a friend, who, after making an examination, said that I certainly was the victim of too much medicine. He stated that he had seen only one other case as bad as mine. He immediately threw away the medicine I had with me and substituted another I remained in my room for three days, and was then able to drive to the court house and give my testimony. That night I left for New York in a very bad condition, being able to get on the train only with assistance.

Testimony of Healing
Of the many blessings which have come to me through...
February 13, 1909

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