Of the many blessings which have come to me through...

Of the many blessings which have come to me through the study of our text-book, Science and Health, I will relate an experience which I had when the light of Truth first began to dawn upon me and which proved to me the value of the Lesson-Sermons as an aid in the overcoming of sickness. With what feeble understanding I then had of Christian Science, I had tried all day to overcome a sense of illness which threatened to prostrate me, but apparently without success. I was making preparations to retire, but at the last moment concluded to read a little of the day's Lesson. For some time previous to this my eyes had been paining me, especially when reading, and I therefore hesitated about attempting to read when my whole body was seemingly racked with pain and I felt unable to sit up a moment longer. I read the first passage, however, though with much difficulty, and then decided to read another and yet another, but still felt no better. Nearing the end of the Lesson, I resolved to finish it, and became so absorbed in it that I wholly forgot about my physical condition, and when I reached the end I found to my astonishment that every ache and pain had vanished and that I was well! My eyes also were healed, and instead of rushing off to bed as I had intended doing, I remained up several hours and read with perfect ease, whereas for some time before I had been able to read only a few moments at a time and that with difficulty.

From girlhood I had not been considered strong, and until my healing through Christian Science I was seldom free from pain. I had been subject to severe attacks of throat trouble, when for several days I could scarcely swallow anything. After I had taught school a few months the trouble became permanent, and for several years I was never wholly free from it till after my healing in Christian Science. This took place seven years ago, and the few attacks I have had since that time were not painful and were quickly overcome through a realization of the truth. A cough with which I had been troubled for fourteen years was also overcome, and there has been no return of it. During this time I was prescribed for by physicians of different schools. Then I turned to hygiene, and also had some osteopathic treatment, besides trying numerous other material remedies, none of which had the least effect upon me. Losing finally all faith in materia medica, I was persuaded by a sister who had been healed, to try Christian Science treatment. My healing was slow, but my ailments disappeared one after another and for nearly five years I have attended daily to my household duties, doing the work for a family of five. During this time I have had many beautiful demonstrations in the overcoming of ailments incident to a family of small children, all of them being quickly overcome, and in many instances after one treatment.

Testimony of Healing
In May, 1904, I first turned to Christian Science
February 13, 1909

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