The critic declares that "the therapeutic benefits which...

Arkansas Gazette

The critic declares that "the therapeutic benefits which sometimes result from this treatment do not establish the correctness of the theories or doctrines promulgated by that cult." Well, it certainly does not prove the incorrectness of those "theories or doctrines." In Mark 16:20, it is said the Lord proved his "word with signs following." When one offers me bread and says, "Eat of it, it stayed my hunger and will stay yours," and I eat of it, and my hunger is stayed. I expect to be justified in saying the bread did it. In the work of Christian Science, bodily healing is, to be sure, but a part ; and incidental and small part, but and essential part. Christian Science is making. God, in His loving and omnipotent character, known now to man; and is making man, in his character as perfect image and likeness of God, known to himself.

The power to heal in Christian Science is not a peculiar power possessed by Mrs. Eddy, as the words of our critic would seem to imply, any more than the power to add. subtract, and multiply is peculiar to her, except for this, that she alone has had the spiritual grace to behold its wonders and the marvelous courage and singleness of purpose to fight single-handed a battle for the race.

February 13, 1909

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