It is eighteen years since I first heard of Christian Science...

It is eighteen years since I first heard of Christian Science and began to study it, and I wish to express my gratitude for the many blessings which I have received, morally, spiritually, and financially,—gratitude to God, and to our dear Leader for the revelation of Truth as given in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which has enabled us to know God aright. For many years I had been seeking some explanation of the Scriptures which could be proven, and by which we could do the works that Jesus said we could do if we were his disciples. I had seen for some time that if we were to understand the Bible, it must be through spiritual sense, but the old theology could give me no rule whereby I could obtain this understanding. When I heard of Christian Science, and had seen the proof of its teaching in the healing of my father in two weeks, from a fever-sore which had baffled all material means, then I knew by the "signs following" that this was the understanding of God's Word for which I had been searching. I accepted Christian Science gladly, and I have never found it wanting when it is accepted and honestly applied.

The spiritual insight into the Scriptures, by which we may do the works that Jesus commanded us to do, was the greatest fact to me, for it was my desire to understand his teachings in a practical way. I was healed of weak eyes in a short time, and could read at any hour and as long as I wanted to, whereas before this I could scarcely read at all. I have also been enabled to prove the sayings of Jesus in the healing of blindness and drunkenness, and in many of the discords to which flesh is heir. I wish particularly to tell of a demonstration in dentistry. Some weeks ago, in having some bridge work done, it was necessary to cut off a tooth, but before this could be done the pulp of the tooth had to be removed. The dentist, having been a witness to what Christian Science could do in other instances, asked me if we could make the demonstration in Science. I told him that we could. for I had helped others similarly and knew what could be done in my own case. So I took up treatment as we are taught in Christian Science, and the next day he removed the pulp from the tooth without any pain to me.

February 13, 1909

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