In May, 1904, I first turned to Christian Science

In May, 1904, I first turned to Christian Science. I had been ill for five and a half years with stomach and intestinal trouble. For more than four years of that time I was under the care of two physicians. I improved slowly, but was still suffering greatly. The chief difficulty was in finding food that would agree with me. After four years of medical treatment, I was able to eat a little solid food, and in the summer of 1903 I went North for a rest and change, but the fatigue of traveling and the necessary change of food seemed to cause a relapse, and after a month's absence I came home quite ill. I then called in another physician, and he diagnosed the trouble the same as the other two physicians had done. I was again placed on a liquid diet, and continued under his treatment and on the diet for eight months, but improved very little, and consequently grew more and more discouraged. I suf fered almost constantly, and was literally starving, for I grew afraid to take food at all.

On one of my discouraged days I told the doctor that I was tempted to try Christian Science. He informed me that it would not give me any relief, as I not only had a real disease, but one that was very difficult to cure. Acting on my suggestion that she try Christian Science, my sister had been wonderfully healed only a year before. She had been operated on four times in three years, but the trouble had returned, and she had been told that another operation could not be performed. Her sufferings were intense, and she knew the inefficacy of the knife in her case, so as a drowning man catches at anything within his reach, she grasped the idea of trying Christian Science. We knew nothing whatever about it, but in two months she was a well woman, and has never had a sign of the trouble since. Despite this proof of the efficacy of Christian Science, I still clung to materia medica. I wanted to be well, but not through Christian Science. I grew worse in the spring of 1904, and one Sunday afternoon, in desperation after a day of intense suffering, I hurriedly (for fear I should change my mind) made my way to the Christian Science practitioner by whom my sister had been treated. I was then willing to be well through any instrumentality, my only desire being a speedy cure. This, however, was denied me, for it was nine months before I could say, "I am well;" but now I am glad it was so, for it compelled me to study Christian Science in a way I probably would never have done had not my healing been slow.

February 13, 1909

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